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What is retained executive search?

There are two basic kinds of recruitment: contingency search and retained search. Contingency search pegs other recruiters against each other and is therefore focused on speed. With retained executive search, the focus is quality. Retained search is strongly preferred for peace of mind that each presented candidate will be an excellent choice for your company.

Cornerstone Bangkok specializes in retained search. This means that an experienced, dedicated consultant will conduct careful research to find the right executive for the position you need to fill.

Tracking down the right senior managers and executives is a complex process, and Thailand’s consistently low unemployment rate makes this task particularly challenging. Retained search with a local consultancy is therefore highly valuable for multinational companies seeking top-level executives in Thailand.

Benefits of retained executive search

  • Remove the costly risk of hiring the wrong executives
  • Enjoy a success rate of almost 100 percent, with an average lead time of about one month.
  • Target high-value and scarce senior-level executives
  • Find the perfect executive for the culture within your company and Thailand
  • Access executives who are not actively seeking employment
  • Maintain high confidentiality
  • Work only with expert recruiters with deep industry and competitor knowledge

Use our knowledge and local network to your advantage.


Our talented headhunters in Bangkok, Thailand will find the best candidates for the job



Cornerstone Bangkok’s retained executive search process

1. Meet with you to discuss the job opening.

Cornerstone Bangkok adheres to a personalized and tailored approach to executive search. We will sit down with your company’s top management, HR manager, or line manager to discuss the job opening with you face to face.

2. Get to know your business.

The more we know about your business, the better we can assist you. We will ask what makes your company unique and what makes it successful. We want to know which qualities you look for in the people you hire and where you see the business going in the next five years. Based on feedback about your business, we will outline your requirements and begin to clarify the type of candidate that would be the best fit.

3. Create a talent map.

Based on our conversations with you, we will create a talent map to help us decide where to look for the right candidates. Sometimes the search strategy will be clear, though executive search in Thailand often requires creative thinking to locate the right type of person.

4. Begin sourcing.

Cornerstone Bangkok’s local network built on personal contacts and our database of over 100,000 people give us access to candidates far outside the reaches of LinkedIn. In fact, the ability to headhunt passive candidates is one of the top reasons why multinational companies seeking top talent engage us.

5. Pre-screen 40-60 candidates.

We select the most promising 40 to 60 candidates and contact them for prescreening. We assess the candidates’ ability to operate in Thailand’s work environment, their compatibility with your company values and management style, and their current job satisfaction and expectations.

6. Narrow the search to five candidates.

Based on the results of the prescreening, we further narrow the choices to the five strongest candidates. Qualification is based on face-to-face interviews and background checks. We assess each person’s personality, skills, management abilities, and his or her likelihood fitting in well with your company culture.

7. Present the top candidates.

Knowing your time is valuable, we will present you with the best three to five candidates for the job — or even just two, if they are truly ideal people for niche positions.

8. Choose the final candidates.

At this stage, we will help you select the top one or two final candidates, and then we will conduct more reference checks before you will meet them in person for further interviewing. We will help you review your selected candidates and discuss their qualifications, resume, motivations and strengths.

9. We make an offer to the candidate.

Acting as a mediator, we will approach your top choice to make an offer and close the deal.

10. Communicate during probation.

We will follow up throughout the probation period to make sure there is a smooth transition and that both you and your new employee are satisfied.

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